Direct thermal label – fanfold 4 x 6.25 roll

Direct thermal label – fanfold 4 x 6.25 roll

  • 4×6 Labels】: 4×6 Thermal labels have a super self-adhesive backing, and each label can be firmly affixed to the packaging surface. The 4×6 mailing label, with perforated lines, is easy to peel.
  • 【Label Size】:4×6 Mailing label 250 shipping label per roll, 4×6 (101.6mm x 152.4mm) total 20 rolls. It is only suitable for thermal printers, not laser or inkjet printers.
  • 【Water and Oil proof】:Thermal label paper is made of high-quality materials, which can print clear and bright images, and is easy to read the barcode; Address label is resistant to scratches, water and oil, and has significant resistance to stains and scratches.
  • 【Strong Compatibility】:Thermal printer labels are perfectly compatible with MUNBYN, Rollo, iDRPT, Polono, Jiese, K Comer, LabelRange, OFFNOVA, JADENS, Photomo, NefLaca, Zebra, MFLABEL, Arkscan, BESTEASY, and other direct thermal printers. (NOT Compatible With DYMO and Brother)
  • 【Multi Platform Compatibility】:Print transportation labels and Internet postage labels for transportation platforms and e-commerce platforms. Such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, etc.

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Advantages of Thermal Labels
Advantages of Thermal Labels
  • Advantages of Thermal Labels:

Durability: Thermal labels are known for their resistance to environmental factors such as light and scratches. This makes them ideal for applications where longevity and readability are crucial.Versatility: These labels come in various materials, including paper, polyester, and polypropylene, catering to different industrial needs.High-Quality Printing: They ensure clear and crisp printing, which is vital for barcodes and shipping information.Customization: Suppliers offer custom solutions in terms of size, material, and pre-printing, providing flexibility for specific business needs.


  • Primary Applications:

Shipping and Logistics: Widely used for shipping labels, bar-code labels, and tracking labels, essential in logistics and supply chain management.Retail and Commercial: Suitable for product packaging, price tags, and inventory labeling in retail environments.Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Used for prescription labels, hospital labels, and other healthcare applications, where accuracy and readability are paramount.Industrial and Manufacturing: Applicable for parts ID, industrial labeling, and harsh environment labeling, where durability is a key requirement.


  • Product Variants:

Direct Thermal Labels: These labels don’t require a ribbon for printing. They are commonly used for applications like receipt printing and short-term labeling.Thermal Transfer Labels: These require a ribbon for printing and are suitable for labels that need to withstand longer periods or harsh conditions.


Some suppliers offer features like Clean Start® Ribbons with a built-in cleaning card to maintain print quality.Options for fluorescent and color labels are also available for specific requirements.Specialty labels like freezer-grade labels, waterproof labels, and synthetic labels are provided for demanding environments.


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